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BEIJING, Mar 27 electrical Phnom Penh local period Drive 27, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia on a new overhead crisis and other issues in the official website reply a reporter’s query.

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A media reporter asked, regarding to Chinese experts educated Jiangxi, March 25 discovered by the Cambodian port of Sihanoukville QD704 plane tickets to Nanchang 15 travellers had been fever, cough, sore neck, diarrhea and various other symptoms these site visitors how the current situation, whether confirmed or ruled out?

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N95 masks for sale,spokesman replied, regarding to up to date the relevant departments, First Hospital in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on the evening of Mar 25, a primary examinations of these 15 passengers, at the same time a fresh malware nucleic acidity detection overhead and chest CT an examination. March 26 morning of the 15 passengers were negative test results show that the nucleic acid, and no chest CT viral pneumonia, pneumonia temporarily exclude new crown.

best n95 masks for coronavirus,A reporter asked, March 24, 174 Chinese people from the Philippines to Phnom Penh, and take the bus arrived at the city of Palestinian domain Svay Rieng province, including three people with fever phenomenon, Cambodian police have isolated such persons . Some netizens suspect that these people who bet nets you have any comment? coronavirus face masks sale.

Spokesman: Chinese Embassy in Cambodia on the matter attention. At present, the epidemic situation is grim in Cambodia, the Cambodian side we will be above 174 Chinese citizens in a timely manner to support isolation.

for the recent suspected net gambling personnel from the Philippines back to Cambodia things, the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia and the Cambodia office of law enforcement cooperation are closely watching, we are carrying out background checks on about the suspected network gambling personnel, once verified, will be based on resolutely fight against the two laws.

A spokesman said that since the Cambodian government issued a net gambling ban, China and Cambodia law enforcement agencies frequently destroyed net gambling dens, news hit the newspapers, to crack down on the arrogance of net gambling personnel, the two sides next step the crackdown on Internet gambling behind the scenes manipulator who. I believe in the joint fight against the police of the two countries, net gambling molecular hope of a comeback in Cambodia “bet Dream” is bound to burst, waiting for them will be punished by law.

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